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minimalist web design
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What is minimalist web design?

In short minimalist web design mean, design less and attract more. The task is quite hard to accomplish, where you have to attract more with the minimal use of design and effect. If your next web project requires you to create minimalist web design, look no further than for getting web design inspiration and to create clean and content focused websites.

The layout of the website is consistent. It has a clean and meaningful logo of a open book. It is a niche website on writers. Here’s what author Faye Kirwin have to say about her blog

To write a good story, you need to understand people, get inside their heads, know what makes them tick. And that’s where Writerology comes in.

It has a very clean and minimalist header section, no bright images used, no use of slider or video, yet it looks very awesome. This is the USP of any minimalist web design.

Design less attract more

minimalist web design


You can see how logo, navigation, Image and typography are playing beautifully with each other. The focus is more on content and the beautiful readable fonts fits in perfectly.

Its responsive web design, makes it available on every device, and the website is equally attractive on every device type.

Later part of web page use beautiful info-graphics, intelligent use of info-graphics, icons, buttons are necessary in minimalist web design.

minimalist web design

The blog page of the website have a usual two column layout, but again focus is entirely on the content than anywhere else.

What-is-minimalist-design provides a great web design inspiration and its minimalist style is apt for your next web design project. Dont forget to visit the website and check the way it uses icons, buttons, fonts and start building your own minimalist web design.

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