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ecommerce web design
ecommerce web design

eCommerce websites are at boom these days. Each day new online shop add to the number, and contribute to this category. Ecommerce web design, has some basic element in common. A product catalog page, a single product display page, filter of relevant products are some important element of eCommerce sites. Several platforms like Woocommerce (wordpress), Shopify, Magneto, Opencart provides framework for designing an online shop. Many developers are contributing themes and plugins for these framework. For eCommerce web design inspiration, this time I picked up, which is a niche online shop for selling headphones.

ecommerce web design is a eCommerce website built on Shopify framework. The first thing you will notice about thestatusaudio, is its eye pleasing web design, its logo, its visual appealing product display, its minimalist web design. As the website deals with music and headphones, the logo is symbolic and appealing. It has a clean navigation. No fancy slider or video is used in header, instead a very clean product is displayed.

Single product page is as simple and minimalist as its homepage, no use of fancy jQuery plugin, product zoom feature is also cut off, as it is not actually required for a electronic gadget. Designer of the website kept the user interface as simple as possible.


Product catalog page is as beautiful and clean, and maintains the minimalist style. As you can see in the image below that three column is used to display product, and each product is beautifully displayed.


Website is responsive and is perfect for every device. If your next project needs you to create a eCommerce web design, with limited amount of products, you may take inspiration from, it will be definitely liked by your clients, and even if you are creating eCommerce theme for any platform, this sort of minimalist design will be liked by the users.

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