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minimalist design
minimalist design
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The first expression, when you visit is “WOW” . It has an eye soothing minimalist design. To understand what is minimalist websites, or to look at other minimalist design, you may check these beautiful websites.

Pollenlondon doesn’t use slider, big image, videos, or illustrations, just a clean page, having image of mobile with a web page displayed in the header. This is symbolic to their service of web design. Website name is beautifully displayed in the center. Typography is clean and appealing. It is a portfolio of a web designing & development agency. Beautiful minimalist design is used, to present its user’s interface.

minimalist design

It have a clean navigation. Not much menu items are included in navigation, only the three most important links of any portfolio website are being used, i;e About, Work, Blog and Contact. Menu items are displayed with background opacity, and it adds to the beauty of the website.


Beautiful scroll effect is used to swap between sections of landing page, it enhance the overall user’s experience, the landing page consists of four section, the header, about, work and contact information. Alternate dark and light color scheme is used in sections of landing page. The work section possess nice hover effect, which changes background image on hover.

minimalist design

About page is similar to homepage, with consistent layout and user experience.It maintains the beauty of minimalist design through out the website.

The blog page is as beautiful as rest of the website, grid structure is used to display images, which are not clustered, rather enough space is used to separate each image. Its minimalist design holds the attention.


Don’t forget to take reference from this website, if you are planning to create a high quality user interface with great user experience. It will definitely add to your credibility if you present your client a webpage with similar experience.

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