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Building website templates for marketplaces, selling it and having full time active income, requires lots of research and work. You first need to decide on what type of template you will be developing, which frameworks you are going to use, what features you want to give to users etc. There are several categories you can choose from, like developing website templates for business, individual portfolio, photography website, personal blog etc. This is an in depth tutorial that will guide you in successful submission and help you in getting huge sales. This tutorial is for individual freelance developer.

Get inspired

I saw many designers diving right into designing, before having any pre-thought. The most crucial step is to get inspired from best of website design. I know that you are good designer, I am also aware that you are good at HTML/CSS/Javascript and other web technologies. I am not at all underestimating you, by saying that you need to get inspired. It is the best practice followed by most of the freelance web designers. Websites like webdesign-inspiration provides a rich source of inspiration. You may also look at our web design inspiration resource. Look at the color combinations, features, navigation styles etc shown on those websites. After you settle down with type of styling you want to use, the next step is to choose the right category.

Choosing the right category

Top web design marketplace like themeforest has several category, some are too popular and the competition is very high, while some others have less material in it and less popular. Choosing category depends entirely on you. Wider audience doesn’t guarantee huge sale, if you opt for those categories with high competition and wider audience, your template standards should be high, in order to get noticed.  In categories with small audience and less competition, you may hold monopoly, if you got good quality theme.

Selecting appropriate framework to build your website templates

Choosing right framework is essential, for example, to make your website responsive you have tons of options, but if you use less known framework, which buyer is not aware about, then you have less chances of getting good sale. But if you use popular framework like bootstrap, which buyer know or heard about, then your sale chances are high. Never cluster your template with lots of plugins and framework. Only use those which are appropriate.

Documentations and product showcase

Good documentations is essential and is highly responsible for good sale. Website templates with little or no documentation, are not at all effective. Ask yourself that, will you consider buying a product which have no usage direction? Product showcase is another essential step which is responsible for good sale. Use proper screenshots of your website templates, use mock up design to present your screenshot. Write all features neatly, write about the plugins that you usedand the most important of all, don’t forget to write, WHY anyone should buy your design, an effective description achieves good result.

Be social

Get in touch with other theme authors. Check there works, make close contacts, all these will help you in long run. Get there feedback and advice to polish your theme. Partner with them, for bigger projects. You may also connect with local web design agency in order to get help with your template. Suppose you are not good with creative but you are a great coder. Then you may opt to get your design created by local agency in PSD format and then you may convert it in codes.

Promote your website templates

After you get your design approved, don’t expect that it will make all sales by its own. You need to promote your product. You can use google ads for this. You may also opt to advertise it on blogs and website in the same niche.

Good support

Professional support is mandatory for making long term relationship with your client. Good support for your product also ensures clients that they will be helped in case they are stucked somewhere. Create forum on your website or use email ticket system to provide professional support to your clients.

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