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simple cms sitecake drag and drop cms

Simple CMS

Sitecake is the most simple CMS, I have used till now. If your requirement is drag and drop CMS, nothing comes close to sitecake. There are lots of other CMS which provides  feature of drag and drop either through a plugin or as its core feature, but using those CMS for small websites or for a noob client, is a overkill. When we talk about CMS (Content management system), we are talking about those software which handles the content of website. Some of the most important and popular CMS in market are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. These are all feature rich content management system and there is very large community behind them. But on the other hand there are CMS like sitecake has very limited features, but it is really very effective with small websites.

Reason of using sitecake

As a web designer you handle various projects, small mid and large, you would have noticed that, there are clients who are afraid of Database and dashboards, sitecake comes handy when when dealing with such clients. Sitecake have no database, no backend dashboard. It have a clean small toolbar with most important (content editing) but limited features. It is a simple cms, which enable editing from front-end of the website.

Second reason you should opt sitecake is for small and static websites. Sitecake is absolutely perfect for static websites with 5-6 pages or even more, such websites dosen’t require CMS giant like WordPress or Drupal.

Third and most important reason, you don’t have to learn anything new while working with sitecake, or do major change in your web design. You just need to copy sitecake folder into your theme’s root, include sitecake.php and add sc-content to div you want to be editable. That’s how simple it is.

<div class=”sc-content”>

       <h1>This is heading</h1>

        <p>This is paragraph</p>


Most of the CMS requires you to get into template development details, in order to build themes on their platform, but this is not the case with sitecake. If you are a HTML5 template developer, and want simple cms for yourself or for your client, then nothing can get your life so easy.

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