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Website ideas for home based business

In my web designing career, I have met many people who want to create website, but they are not sure, what type of website will be more profitable to them. In this post I will provide some best website ideas to make money online. These online business ideas will be very profitable, if executed properly. Choose any of below mentioned website ideas based on your interest and make money regularly after 6 months. I will talk about the business model, and what type of content you should develop to properly increase the value of your website in the initial month. I will also talk about content strategy and niche development. I have listed only those website ideas, which I have created for my clients and are running successfully. So, these website ideas are properly experimented and time tested.

I assume that, you want to do everything on your own, and you don’t want to hire content writers or website developers. I also assume that, you have basic idea on how to create website, with WordPress or any other popular framework. If you don’t have any idea on how to create a website, then consider hiring a developer, who will build it for you. We are also available for hire, in case you want to hire us.

Create a online used book marketplace

book website

This website idea is very straight forward, you can read about it in great details at selling used books online. In this home based business, you will be creating a platform where people will upload the photo of there used books in an effort to sell it to potential buyers. Your website will have 3 types of visitors, the seller, the buyer and the book lovers. The content will be basically the specification of books. In order to successfully execute this online business idea, you need to build a simple framework, where a user can login, upload his product and write specification, while the buyer can directly call the seller and either purchase or make negotiation. Don’t take responsibility of any fraudulent, neither have any share in price of book. The primary source of your income will be from advertisements. Some big website like olx and quikr is running on same business model. I have created similar type of website for a client, who after 8 months, started earning $400 approx from advertisement revenue alone.

Create a movie review website

movie website


Well, you don’t have to be a well known cinema critic in order to start such a website. This website idea has the potential of good organic traffic (users who come from search engines). In order to be successful in this home based business, you need to be early writer. Don’t expect to write a review of a movie released last year and expect to get good traffic on it. You should write review as soon as movie is released. Either watch the movie and write a original review, or rewrite a review from a popular website is completely up to you. My suggestion would be that, you should create a specific type of movie review website, for instance horror or romance. Its better to be master of one, than to be Jack of all trades. Here is a complete guide on creating a movie website.

Create a website on a classic topic like Literature or Poem

classic website

Such website ideas and topic never gets old, and potential traffic increases each day, if you plan and execute content properly. Choose a niche topic on Literature, for example “poems by William Wordsworth” and start writing analysis of each poem, write critical appreciation and central ideas. With regular write ups, such website has the potential to achieve lots of traffic and in the process earn lots of income from advertisement revenue. I have created similar website for one of my client and he started earning approx $550 from advertisements and $1000 from online tutoring.

Create a drop-shipping eCommerce website

dropshipping website

While the eCommerce website means selling products online, which involves, lots of work, and requires mid to high level set up, drop-shipping eCommerce website is relatively small, and can be handled by a single person. The concept of this website idea is to sell product from drop-shippers. All you need to do is to contact drop shipping companies, who will give their product catalog to you, which you will upload to your website. Whenever someone orders something from your website, the drop-shipping agency will ship the product from your behalf, you will get good commission for the sale of each product. The success of this business model depends largely on online promotion. These days you have got lots of option for promotions, like advertisements on Twitter and Facebook. With planned promotion and proper strategy this website ideas is destined to make fruitful result.

Create a online directory for any specific  category

directory website

With online directory, I am not referring to age old directories which have nothing but links. Create a directory of websites for a specific niche, for example a directory of “online fashion store”, where you will give your expert advice for each website. The content for this type of website would be your review of websites. This website is expected to make desirable result within 4 to 6 months. You can charge money to websites, in order to get listed in your directory. You can also get handsome amount from advertisement revenue. In order to charge the website owners, you have to wait for few months, so that you can proudly boast about your website’s unique visitors to your clients.

These website ideas are great ways to start your home based online business. Like any other business, it requires time, effort and dedication. You cannot expect to start earning from day one. I have seen many, who gives up, in fifteen to twenty days. Proper content planning and content marketing is necessary. Before choosing any of the listed website ideas above, be sure to understand its nature and research on other competitive websites in similar niche. If you have any other website ideas, please let me know in comment section, I will be also pleased to answer your queries regarding any website ideas.

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