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The Kings Arms London is a London based Food and Beverage shop. We considered it in best website design because of its uniquely crafted user interface. Kings Arms London has a clean single page website which has got a bit of retro look and feel. The images and typography used, make it appear as vintage website.

The header section or say Home section section has got a full-width blurry image in a retro style. I assume that its the image of its own shop. Website name is displayed elegantly over the image with a nice retro underline style. Underneath the website name round transparent social-sharing buttons are used, with smooth hover effect which match the style of the web page. It has got a sticky horizontal menu bar with six navigation links: Home, About, Menu, News, Contact and Gallery.

The About Section is separated into two part, the left part covering 30% of the total width displays an image of brands, which are probably sold is the shop and the right part covering 70% displays the company mission. Here’s what The Kings Arms London has to say about itself

Our multi-winning “pub of the year” site is about as traditional as traditional pubs get, but with a Thai twist coming out of its popular kitchen too.

The next section, which is the shop’s menu item, is displayed in parallax style, with wonderful icons which is similar to social icons in look & feel is displayed as menu item, with a nice and smooth hover effect.

The News section has a beautiful background pattern and is divided into two section displaying the content in the left side and image on the right side. The contact section looks equally amazing with beautiful icons displayed for its various contacts, and google map displayed on right side, locating the shop. The Gallery contains an awesome slides of images, which pops out beautifully when clicked, which a nice looking loading image.

Visiting The kings Arms Pub London website is a nice experience, So we decided to add it to our list of best website design. If you are restaurant owner or a web designer want to create a restaurant website in a retro style, you may choose to visit this website and get web design inspiration.

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