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Sand and Such is a creative blog dedicated to sleep. It is one of the best website design in a magazine style, and crafted to impress the visitors. Contributor of this blog are generally creative people from photography and art background. Blog with such unique content and style of writing is designed to leave a deep impact over its visitor’s mind, therefore the website is beautifully crafted and has minimalist design style.

The website is built on white background, which suits the content of the website. It has got a very simple, sober and elegant style. In the home-page a beautiful image is displayed in the header, The website has four main pages, which is displayed in top navigation viz; Interviews, Articles, Playlists, About. The logo used is clean and suits the content of the blog, its an image of an eye, which symbolize dreams and sleep.

The homepage is divided into two section covering 50% left and 50% right, which displays images with blog entries.It has clean and minimalist design. If you want to see examples of other minimalist websites, consider checking this category on minimalist design.

Beautiful typography is used, which enhance the look and feel and give it somewhat is modern look. Engaging photos are used, which is meant to reduce the bounce rate, and enhance the user experience. Overall its a nice experience visiting this website.

If you want to create a blog with creative content, and you are lover of minimalist design, you may choose to take web design inspiration from sand & such and craft your own clean blog. You may also choose to create themes of similar taste for various blogging platforms. Sand & Such is the best website design and web designers creating websites of similar taste will be known for their classic style.

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