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small business ideas

If you are looking for a complete list of small business ideas, consider checking the post, where I have written number of website ideas for home based business. In this post I will concentrate, on one of the small business ideas, which is unique, and require only the skill of writing with a surprisingly  small investment. For creating a movie review website, you don’t have to be expert critic, the only skill you need is the ability of analyze the drama or play.

Movie website – Business model – Small business ideas

The plan outline is to create a high traffic website and get regular income with a advertisement revenue. I have divided this plan into three parts, the first part will deal with setting up the website, second part will deal with getting high traffic on you website and third part will deal with setting up the system of getting payment through ad revenues.

Total time of business setup – Small business ideas

It greatly depends on the time you are investing on setting up this business, approximately, it will take around 6 months time, for the website to get considerable amount of traffic flow.  Good advertisement network like adsense and buysellads, only approve you after you get good traffic.

Investment – Small business ideas

You will need to buy a domain and hosting which is an yearly expense. If you can build up your website yourself, its well and good, but if not, then you have to hire a web designer, who will create it for you.  You will also need to advertise your website on social networks like Facebook & twitter and also google for at-least first six months.

Domain cost : 180 INR / $3 approx.

Hosting cost : 4000 INR / $66 approx.

Website development cost : Approx 6500 / $100 approx.

Advertisement : Depends how much you advertise, I suggest investing minimum $100 monthly for Facebook advertisement so for 6 months it will be $600 or 38000 INR approx.

If you are ready to invest, then follow steps below

Website Setup

If you can build your website yourself, then do it yourself, choose a nice CMS like WordPress and create a website, if you want our help, you may contact us. You may also choose to hire your preferred developer who will do it for you.

Watch newly released movie and write reviews

Lots of searches on search engines and social media happen, when a movie gets released, so you have to be early writer. Write a nice review on movie, make the article SEO friendly and publish it on your website. You should write at-least one review each day, in order to kick off your website at initial stage.

Market your reviews

Think of your articles as products, and like with any other product, you will have to apply several marketing tactics. Submit your articles to social medias. Comment on blog posts etc.

Start building your fan base

Create a page for your website on Facebook, and advertise it, you can do similarly for twitter by promoting your twitter account. Keep submitting your articles, each day on your Facebook and twitter.

If you are dedicated to your business, and continue to do these above mentioned steps, then it will not be difficult to get approx 3000 unique visitors for your website in 5-6 months. And its the time, when you can start earning advertisement revenues.

There are several popular advertisement network out there, Adsense and Chitika to new few. Apply for your account there, and once you are approved, your revenue source will start.

How much you will earn

It depends, with 3000 unique visitors will bring you minimum of about $15-$20 daily. But it can be bigger amount, with proper strategy and planning.

Why Movie website

Because, it is among those small business ideas, which  has the potential of huge traffic, in short time span, often a new blog fails to compete with old boys. Movie niche can gain popularity within short time, with little headache.



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