TOP 5 web design trends, that is ruling 2016.

web design trends 2016

Web design trends which will continue to rule

We were anxious about changes that will happen in the year of 2016 in the world of web designing. We saw number of web design trends in last 4 to 5 years, from dedicated desktop and mobile version of websites, to responsive websites, from minimalist design to Flat web design, if we are to compare web design trends of past from now, we see lots of changes in terms of tastes, patterns and technologies. Following are the top 5 trends that we see in 2016.

web design trends

SVG Graphics :

SVG animations and graphical elements is there from past few years, and is used by designers for enriching user’s interface. This technology will probably change the way we look at websites today. Usage of SVG for line animation with minimalist design is killer. It plays well with responsive websites, as it is vector and doesn’t lose its quality with increase or decrease in device size. You can read my svg tutorial to know more about SVG graphics

Full Width Layout :

The typical example of layout we saw in past consists of Header, Content, Sidebar, Footer. This layout is common in most of web designs, but we saw full width websites with rich Typography being liked the most. Sidebar being one of the important part of design, showcasing widgets and other elements, is loosing its place.

Canvas Header:

We saw the use of slider or image in header. Slider being good for presentation and image being good for promoting brands, we also saw use of full width video header, which I don’t personally like because of its tendency to distract from actual content. We anticipate the usage of HTML5 Canvas animation and interactive header in 2016.


We saw JavaScript being used for front-end development, then jQuery library of JavaScript was brought in use, because of its ease of use. AngularJS being one of the recently popular framework is predicted to rule 2016 and beyond, it follows MVC pattern and makes working with web application easy than ever before. If you have not yet tried AngularJS, then its high time to start learning and using it, its easy to grasp.

E-commerce Design :

E-commerce websites are at boom from past few years, and its still going to rule in the year of 2016, designers will see themselves developing shopping websites more than any other websites, Web Designers who still are not comfortable with niche shopping websites will lose approximately 65% of projects. So its high time to expertise in any one of the shopping website framework, some of the popular among such frameworks are Shopify, WordPress(WooCommerce) , OpenCart, Magneto etc.

Follow these web design trends to stay updated, and get the most out of current demands. If your notice any new web design trends, feel free to add it in comment.

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