Tips for website designing in September

website design in september

As the leaves fall,developers still sit behind their computer desk and develop! The job of a developer is one that requires a lot of patience and a bit of psychological understanding. The key to a great website design is not only what a developer thinks may look good, but what 80 out of 100 individuals think of that specific website design. The regular internet user will search more than 10 sites a day and with these record, they are likely to judge a website design by some different factors.

Factors of Judgement 

1-Visual. The overall visual appearance of a website is automatically judged by the average website user. An example of a visual judgment would be the color scheme. If a website has one specific color scheme on one page and the completely opposite color scheme on the next page, that may look a bit messy. Keep it matching!

Quick Tip: Use 3 color shades for your color scheme. Select your colors based on the energy of your company and the category of the brand. Keep the first 2 shades may be a tint of the same shade and the 3rd color may be a darker contract of the existing tint.

2-Responsive. Responsive website design is no longer an option anymore.  Being that there are so many different screen sizes and devices out there, a website must be accessible and presentable on all platforms. A responsive website design can auto resize for every device. Although no one may force an individual to upgrade to a responsive website design, this autumn is a great idea to make that move.

Quick Tip: Using media queries is a great way to make your current website responsive.

3-Speed. A web page speed is a great factor of judgment. The reason being, well, let’s say a normal internet user searches up a keyword on the web. He or she may decide to click page 3 and go to your website. Then as they click on your site, it will start to load. The slower it loads, the less patient your website visitor will be and if your website is too slow, the visitor will most likely exit the page. What happens then? Well, your great website design will post likely fall behind in visibility. The main reason is because as these website visitors may exit out your page for being too slow, your bounce rate will go up. The bounce rate will explain to google that your website either doesn’t have appropriate content for that keyword that its listed in the search engines or your website may have gone offline. A website has a need for speed!

Quick Tip: Compressing your images will lower the KB of your web page!

4-Content Quality. The content on a website describes what a company is all about! Content helps the regular internet visitor know what your company specifically does,but content is a great SEO rank factor as well. The more unique your content is on your web page, the better your ranks will be. The key to great content is to be specific. Use more descriptive words like verbs or adjectives and fewer stop words. Remember when using descriptive words, only describe your brand and don’t go off topic just to use random adjectives in your summary.

Quick Tip: When  writing, become as creative as you can. Use specific details and remember to stay in your category. When you are finished you may find a great spell checker on the web to make sure that all your grammar is perfect!

5-Mobile Friendly. We are all in the mobile era. Most individuals have their mobile phones more handy than carrying a laptop with them. This now means that a website must be mobile friendly!

Quick Tip: Always make sure that your internet visitor can find the homepage on your website. This may seem something simple,but so many developers forget to test this part of a mobile design. Make sure all your buttons work!

6-Navigation Menu. The navigation of a website must be clean and easy to find. We are in the modern era and its time to have a ‘less is more’ mentality. Don’t use too many special effects on a website menu. Keep a website menu in a location where a users eye will most likely be guided towards. An example, the top mid section, and the top right section are two popular places where you will most likely see a website design located.

Quick Tip: The 3 Bar mobile menu has become very popular and is used not just in mobile,but in desktop view.

What you can do this Autumn Season?

As the leaves change color and fall off, let this time be a new start for you. Get rid of the old and in with the new! Take a look at these 6 website design tips above and we hope you follow these great trends for your website.

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