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Supplement Express is a bodybuilding supplement supplier’s website and is involved in supplying products like protein powder, weight loss tablets and pills. It is operating since 2011 and has catered to the need of thousands of bodybuilding enthusiast and fitness freaks.

The color scheme of the website is light and it easily grabs the attention of visitors by displaying its message at an appropriate place, where it will receive most traction. It has a fixed width layout with five menu item, which doesn’t overload the users with too many options. The website’s slogan “GET MORE GROW MORE” sits at the top in the header, and has action making magic infused into it.

Supplement express has three column dynamic layout. The left column has the list of products like Amino acids, Creatine, Pre-workout, Intra-workout, protein etc, while the middle part contains descriptions of each product clearly and the right column has register and sign in option.

If your next project requires you to build a web page for supplement business, then supplement express is a cool example to get inspired.

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