Leonora World

A new era of web design is evolving each day and trend has changed from, focus on design to focus on content. Leonora World is a good example of a website which focuses entirely on content rather than design. The website has a minimalist design with lots of white space. Typography is loud and clear and a retro touch of 90’s has been given to the website.

Leonora World website deals in Psychic reading and the service is provided both online and offline. In the online mode, one may prefer telephone reading, email reading and chat reading. In the offline mode, one may prefer Psychic reading by private sitting, functions and psychic party. Confidentiality is ensured by the website and all calls are made by Leonora herself. You should check this website if you are interested in Psychic reading or you are looking for design inspiration to create a minimalist website with a retro feel and look.

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Saurabh chaudhary is expert in web design, he writes about web design inspiration, bringing all beautiful websites together in a showcase.

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