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Abhrojit is a personal WordPress website, which displays the design portfolio of the website owner “Abhrojit Boral”, who is a graphics designer and branding expert by profession. He also takes interest in fashion designing and photography. The website has some highly contrasting colors and an effective parallax scrolling which goes well with the theme and subject of the website. Single column and flat colors are used on the front page while right sidebars are used in category and blog page. Fancy and highly effective typography is used, which enhances the user experience. The website has a responsive layout and it fits perfectly in any type of device.

Abhrojit’s website is a perfect example of beautiful personal portfolio blog. If you wish to create a portfolio website in a niche like fashion, web design, photography, then you may consider looking at this website for your design inspiration.

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Saurabh chaudhary is expert in web design, he writes about web design inspiration, bringing all beautiful websites together in a showcase.

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