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Revarder has developed a solution for businesses who would like to have feedback on UX, marketing, innovation, competitor analysis. It’s a cloud-based approach to help companies finding answers they can’t find within the company or their own community. The feedback from the crowd is forwarded directly to the companies, who eventually reward the most useful ones.

The reviewers can take part in the active contest and write a critical, in-depth review to get rewarded. One can easily upload his review in different formats. Check out the example of an open contest here ($1200 total reward!).

A minimalist approach is employed to design The website is clean and has lots of white space in order to give maximum emphasis to the content. It is fully responsive and fits perfectly in all devices. You can use this website if you want to get critical feedback on your company’s product or if you love writing reviews.

The startup Revarder is a good example of an online service website and you may check it to have an idea on how to build a b2b or online service website.

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