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fresh out of the booth
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Fresh out of the booth is a brand new music blog which aims at promoting individual talents. This is also a platform where music lovers get to know about new and upcoming albums. It has only been few months that the website is up and running, and it already showed some promising signals. In a short span of time, thousands of interested people have joined this new sensation and the website has already worked with well-known personalities like Lorenzo Doryon and Paul Butcher.

The design of this website is as fresh as the website itself and it goes well with the theme of the content. Bright colors are employed to craft this amazing website and the slider at the homepage makes the website look visually pleasing. If you plan to create a music blog for yourself or for your client, then Fresh Out Of The Booth ( FOOTB ) will definitely serve as your design inspiration.

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Saurabh chaudhary is expert in web design, he writes about web design inspiration, bringing all beautiful websites together in a showcase.

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