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What is minimalist design?

Talking about minimalist design, first we need to understand meaning of minimalism, According to Wikipedia :

In the visual arts and music, minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements.

In context of web designing, minimalist design focus only on the most essential elements of webpage. A very good example  is GOOGLE homepage. No flashy colors, fancy plugins, unwanted effect is used in minimalist web design. Not many color combinations are used, emphasis is given only to 2-3 basic colors. Lots of space between elements to make the page clean, and enhance user’s experience is another feature of minimalist design.



A very appealing website. Minimalism at its best. It is a website about compare and buy smartwatches and fitness trackers. It must serve as inspiration for anyone looking for minimalist design. Name of the...

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Lainformacion appealed to me because of the white space in abundance. Despite of being a news/media website. It is not cluttered with advertisements and the website is entirely focused on content. It serves a...

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collective minds agency amsterdam

Website description : we are a collective of independent leading creatives. we connect brands and users with authentic and meaningful creations. Great minds think different – Together. Design description : minimal design with eye...

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Arzo Travels

A website by Arzo, a passionate traveler. It is a blog which documents the travel stories, hotel reviews and lovely tales of people and places. The design of the website is awesome and minimalist....

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The Dabney

Beautifully created restaurant website, with eye catching retro fonts and clean illustration. The website follows the minimalist design style which is enhanced by clean illustration. Each page is finely created and awesome on scroll...

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Best wedding websites template in 2016

In this post, I will try to curate best available wedding websites templates published in march, 2016. We see websites for every purpose, websites for event announcement is a new trend in the world...

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Polo Fangio

Polo fangio with contrast of black & white colors, parallax scroll & water ripple effect, is a good web design inspiration for designers, who wants to create a simple and elegant eCommerce website. It...

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