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Proud & Punch

Proud & punch is graphical rich website with amazing scroll effects. It has an amazing loading effect and products are displayed in an interesting way. The website is designed to enhance the display of products....

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The Dabney

Beautifully created restaurant website, with eye catching retro fonts and clean illustration. The website follows the minimalist design style which is enhanced by clean illustration. Each page is finely created and awesome on scroll...

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It is the homepage of OBI World phone, It follows minimalist design approach, and have very pleasing user experience. The page has a clear navigation, with amazing on-scroll effect. Each page is designed deftly,...

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Space Needle – Seattle

Had an amazing experience, while visiting space needle. It have a beautiful loading screen, with amazing, scroll- effect. It is a single page website and it uses the power of gamification, to attain the...

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